Note from the Discaptcha creator

Dear Discaptcha users,

I am incredibly thankful for the users of Discaptcha throughout its life. It was created as a small project in about 30 minutes, and has broken down as it has not been maintained. Unfortunately, I am just not able to resolve some of these issues without a complete rewrite of the Discaptcha codebase.

However, Discaptcha as a project is not going away. I am doing said rewrite, with a significantly greater amount of resources and effort. I am shutting down Discaptcha v1, as I would be overwhelmed with my work if I maintained both versions.

v2 is planned to include cool stuff! Such as:

I'm sorry for this sudden notice, but I hope the future will be much brighter for all of us. Here's to keeping Discord safe!

- Violet, creator of Discaptcha

Follow along with v2's progress, find your server, or get added to a list of legacy redirects: here.